7 Function Multipurpose Pliers


Multifunctional vise grip pliers have a heavy-duty metal construction made of durable matte stainless steel that provides comfortable and stiff grip.

This is a successful balance between the size and functionality and is a good option for utility work and business trips. This multipurpose tool is a successful model combining a set of classical tools that will help in a number of situations as household tasks and small home improvements, working in a garage and hobbies, when cycling, driving or picnicking. The pliers notches are convenient to press and clamp something, compress, twist, hold and remove or used as a wrench. All the folding blades and tools are slip joint and “backspring” biases them towards the open or closed position. The body design significantly lightens the overall weight of the multitool, so you can easily take this set of tools with you in the city or put it in your camp kit.

-Wire Cutter
-Screw Driver
-Serrated Blade
-Stainless Steel Knife